Please use this checklist and provide any relevant information for your Tax Return


•    Payment Summaries
•    Lump Sum and Termination Payment Summaries
•    Government payment statements, if received
•    Interest income from banks and building societies
•    Dividend statements for dividends received or reinvested
•    Annual Tax Statements from Managed Funds

Other income

•    Rental properties
•    Business
•    Foreign income
•    Capital gains
•    Employee share schemes


Work related expenses:
•    Motor vehicle
•    Travel (fares and accommodation)
•    Uniforms/work-wear
•    Self-education and professional development
•    Union, registrations, tools, subscriptions, memberships
•    Home office, seminars, conferences
•    Telephone
•    Computer, internet
•    Any other costs incurred earning income
•    Donations to charities or building funds
•    Income protection insurance

Offsets and Refunds

•    Health insurance and rebate entitlement statement
•    IAS statements or details of PAYG instalments paid
•    Spouse details including taxable and exempt income